Grapevine Special Edition: Black History Month 2014

Have you heard?  Just listen…

The beloved Grapevine is back.grapes-vector-art

This time we’re bringing you what you want and need to read here at this site. We’ve changed our layout for this special month, just for you. The Indiana University chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists has a responsibility to bring you news that you won’t hear anywhere else.

The late, great black journalist Robert C. Maynard (Oakland Tribune, Washington Post) once said:

It matters that those who lead the newsroom understand every facet of the community they cover. It matters that the interests and concerns of nonwhite residents need not well up in violence before they are recognized as worthy of attention. It matters that the positive contributions of the nonwhite community be recognized in other than the nonwhite press. It matters that the rich and varied texture of the American voice be heard, and it matters that the picture of America we see on the news and on the front page include pictures of nonwhite people in all stations of life, not just those who are on welfare or in police custody.”

As black journalists, it’s our duty to bring you a wide spectrum of what’s going on in our campus community and abroad. We all deserve a voice.

Especially when you’re trying to change the status quo.

So sit back, relax, read our stories by clicking on the tabs and give us feedback!

– Aaricka Washington, NABJ-IUB President and The Grapevine

It's time to get busy.
It’s time to get busy.



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