On Your Mark, Get Set, RACE!

By: Shekinah Ragland

For many students, the week of Homecoming is one of the most memorable weeks of their college careers. One event that makes this week the most memorable is the Nearly Naked Mile Run.

The Nearly Naked Mile Run has been a part of IU’s homecoming tradition, for six years. This year, the event was led by senior, Jenny Abplanalb, who began putting this event together in September.

Over 1000 IU students and even local community members joined in for the fun! Before the race had started, students got the opportunity to donate towards a good cause and donate their clothes to a local philanthropic organization.

The Homecoming Committee also threw a pre-party before the race started, in order to get students pumped up. The committee also included a muscle-stretching exercise for the students so that they minimize injuries during the race.

Once the time for the actual race began, students could hardly wait any longer. As the whistle blew students ran as fast as they could, starting at Dunn Meadow and eventually ending the race at the Sample Gates.

After the race was over, the Homecoming Committee through an after party, supplying the runners with water and food from the local Pizza X.

If one thing is for certain, it’s that this race definitely held onto its title of one of the most entertaining, enjoyable, and exciting event that the Homecoming Committee throws.

I undeniably cannot wait to see what else this committee has in store for the future Homecomings at IU!


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