Hair Scares!

By: Khrissy B.  20131014_235805

This month consists of the most fun holiday in America, Halloween! College students dress up to be either sexy or scary. But do we as black women ever think about what we’re going to do with our hair? Some say no, while others have to plan their outfits around their hair’s ability to do different styles. Most women wear ponytails or an iron out style. However, there are different textures of hair that can make it hard to dress up.

 I interviewed ten black females on campus, most of which had thought about what to do with their hair. A lot of women with permed hair styles said they would wear their hair down or in a ponytail. Some of those women complained that they wanted to add color but were afraid that their hair would fall out. The women with natural hair have a better advantage of being flexible. The length will determine the style. Natural haired women also have different textures. I spoke with Sam’Mesha who has a natural hair texture. I asked her what she would do to her hair. She looks at me and says that she would probably twist it up. Women with a thicker texture will wear it out or put them in twists. Her answer could change next week. Most women with natural hair had this same reaction. Then there are the women with braids or the popular Senegalese. They also have somewhat of an advantage of being flexible. This hairstyle can be styled! There are unlimited ways to use this for Halloween.

 As black women, we cannot just put anything in our hair. There are products and styles that can keep us healthy. If you’re thinking about adding temporary color, you can do it! There are clip-ins for women with perms or a finer texture of natural hair. Doesn’t matter what kind of hair you have as long as you can wash it the next day, you can even use color hair spray. This Halloween embrace your hair! YouTube always helps when looking for Halloween hair ideas. Just make sure you stay true to you and have fun!



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