Being a Fashionista

By: Charnay Pickett Charnay

I was in the fifth grade when I realized clothes were more than just clothes to me. I had a pair of jeans with hand-stitched blue and purple beads swirling across the bottom. They were easily my favorite piece of clothing. Getting dressed in the morning was, and still is, the favorite part of my day. There’s something about wearing an outfit you’re proud of that makes you feel like you can conquer the world. As I got older, I realized that I loved to write. Writing and fashion, two of my favorite things, became one when I realized I could make a career out of both. I give all credit to Confessions of a Shopaholic and Sex and the City. Rebecca Bloomwood and Carrie Bradshaw are everything that I hope to be, minus the debt and relationship issues.

Many people flinch at the word fashion or don’t understand why it’s so important. Consider this: when you have a job interview or a date, what’s the first thing you ask your friends? It’s usually, “What should I wear?” Clothes, whether you like it or not, show others what kind of person you are. I consider myself a walking canvas. I cover myself in pearls, lace and girly frills. Someone less girly than me might prefer studded embellishments and combat boots.

Fashion is one, but within that we have created multiple types of style. Style is my favorite part of fashion. There are many ways to dress and when you find the style niche you belong to, well, that’s when the real fun begins. Girly, rocker chic, preppy, classic, bohemian and athletic are just a few of the style categories one can belong to. I consider myself a mixture of girly, classic and preppy. Lace is my best friend and if I could wear dresses everyday for the rest of my life I wouldn’t complain. Button downs and a classic sweater with jeans is what I consider to be dressing down. I understand that we’re in college and sometimes having class at 8 am calls for yoga pants and sweats, but I am dressing for where I’m going, not where I am. You never know who you’ll meet or what opportunities the day might present, so you should be ready for it.


If you’re new to fashion, start small. Buy a few pieces that fit in with what you already own. Don’t buy somethingcrazy that can only be worn with one or two things. Mixing and matching is what allows you to stretch your wardrobe. And fashion isn’t just for the ladies. Guys, a sharp dressed man will never go out of style. Most importantly, wear what you love. Being a confident fashion connoisseur is a trend worth following.


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