WTHR Visits IU as a part of their Decision 2012: On the Road Initiative

Indianapolis news station WTHR Channel 13 paid a special visit to the Indiana University campus last Thursday.

NABJ-IUB Treasurer Erin Carson asks WTHR Anchor Andrea Morehead a question.

WTHR Anchor Andrea Morehead and her camera crew drove to Bloomington for a special broadcast as a part of their Decision 2012: On the Road tour. WTHR wanted to find out what the IU community thinks about the upcoming election. The station first did their live broadcast at the Indiana Memorial Union. Then they moved to Ernie Pyle Hall to do a town hall meeting to talk to IU students about the topics that concern them. While Andrea Morehead moderated the event, her camera crew had the tapes rolling on the small, but engaged group.

Morehead asked the audience of mostly college students questions that related to their concerns. The topics included job security upon graduation and healthcare.

“At first I really was a little disappointed that there wasn’t a larger turn out, but I felt like all of the people who spoke tonight had very poignant remarks, were very well spoken, had very good ideas and there was a very good discourse that came out of it,” junior and student ambassador Lauryn Quick said. 


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